KATAKANA advanced

The following games and practice links are perfect if  you know all Katakana you like to advance to words.

Katakana Advanced Practice 1:  Reading Katakana - complete introduction and Practice - Highly recommended

If you like to advance step by step and want to be sure everything is covered this is for you: 

If you already know your Katakana I recommend starting from page 9 and practice the word lists (cover up the right side so you are not tempted to cheat :)). 

Katakana Advanced Practice 2:   QUIZLET SCATTER 

Matching game with limited number of items of food 

This is a matching up game with items of food. It's fun because you can challenge yourself to improve your time in which you make the words disappear. Each round only takes as long as it takes you to make them disappear.
You can play without registering. If you want your score to be saved, you'll need a login - FREE.

Katakana Advanced Practice 3:
Katakana Recognition Quiz

You'll be shown a Katakana word, sometimes in context and need to use your detective skills to find the right answer - 709 questions! Whoopee.
 Japanese - English Quiz Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Katakana Word Quiz

Katakana Advanced Practice 4:

Similar to Katakana Practice 3: Multiple choice

 Multiple Choice Katakana Words Quiz


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