Sumo variety:

Learning Body Parts - The colour your skeleton game
How to play:

  1. Find a partner
  2. Get a die and a copy of the skeleton.
  3. Take turns to roll the die.
  4. Colour in the part of the body according to the number on your die                                                   for instance "1" is the body (からだ)With a partner we rolled the dice to select the body part to be coloured in

Learning Body Parts - The Mummy Game

After we learned the names for parts of the body in Japanese we played the Mummy game. 

When the teacher called out parts of the body like あたま (head) 
                                                                     うで  (arm)
                                                                     あし  (leg)
                                                                     からだ (body)
we had to wrap that part of our partner with toilet paper. This was really great fun and we had to listen carefully which part to wrap next.