Sunday  NICHI      On Sunday I had an itch from the sun It was really bad.

Monday GETSU    The itch from Sunday was so bad, that I woke up very early on Monday, the moon was still out - such an itch really
gets you

Tuesday   KA        On Tuesday I was so knackered and tired I couldn't work properly and my boss told me "You are fired!" That hit me like a forceful blow KA!

Wednesday SUI         So I needed to recover and I went to a spa because of the soothing water, the warm water helped to soothe my itch and to heal all the inner and outer wounds while I was happily swimming like a fish in the water sui sui, sui sui (which is the word for the swimming of fish in Japanese)

Thursday  MOKU     Once I had recovered I was ready to do something useful on Thursday. I decided to get some wood because the winter is coming. I ordered some on the internet and got it on the same day. But it turned out it wasn't real wood, it was MOCK WOOD. It moved and run away, so I couldn't even send it back for a refund!

Friday  KIN   Because I had lost my money, I had to go to my next of KIN , my mom, to borrow some. She went to a bank to get some money out for me, nice golden money that make the happy KIN KIN KIN sound.

Saturday DO  But I had to work for the money on Saturday, I had to work in her garden and shovel dirt where I uncovered half of a DODO --> DO


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