Hiragana Practice

Link to Hiragana Mnemonics pagehttp://japanese.gatech.edu/WebCTVista/JAPN1001/contents/Lesson02/hiragana/mnemonic-hiragana.html

Challenge for our Club: Earn your Sumo Session

  • 1 point equals 1 min gained for Sumo session 
  • After you earned 1 point you need to move on to the next level (higher points)
  • Points can be earned any time, but must be confirmed by an adult
  • You can try as many times as you want, but will only get the points once per level

For 1 point:    under 40 sec:     http://quizlet.com/11478905/scatter/
For 2 points:   Kana invaders under 40 sec   (link on this page) (you need to know all basic Hiragana)
                   OR   Dr Moku Basic Quiz (20 questions) 18/20
For 3 points:    Advanced Hiragana     27/30
For 4 points     Ultimate Hiragana Challenge  under 300 sec

How many points can you get in 60 seconds?

If you remove 1 tile and know the right answer you get 5 points.
If you need to remove all 6 tiles you get 1 point.

Choose as many hiragana columns as you want to practice.
Press play.
Click on any of the six rectangles to uncover part of the hiragana.
When you think you know which hiragana is hidden, click on the right answer.
The more tiles you remove, the less points you get. 

      HIRAGANA WHEEL                                                              Advanced Hiragana

If you can answer 104 Hiragana correctly           Read Real Practical Japanese
 you know you can read Hiragana!                        
Hiragana Quiz