Thursday, 26 January 2012

Katakana Practice Game

To join our Hiragana Practice game, we've now got the same for you to test you katakana skills.
For even more katakana games, check out our katakana page.

Click HERE to play.
How many points can you get in 60 seconds?
Choose as many hiragana columns as you want to practice.
Press play.
Click on any of the six rectangles to uncover part of the hiragana.
When you think you know which hiragana is hidden, click on the right answer.
The more tiles you remove, the less points you get: 
If you remove 1 tile and know the right answer you get 5 points.
If you need to remove all 6 tiles you get 1 point.

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Katakana Practice

New Year and the club is up and running again.
This term's challenge: Let's  learn all 46 Katakana!
Check out our very own Katakana Practice game and all the links under the Katakana tab. The games are especially useful, if you just start learning and don't know all of them yet but want to practice anyway.